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Zeetron has been founded in 2008, and has grown to be one of the nation’s leading mobile repair parts distributors. In the recent years, Zeetron has entered the buying and selling field of new and used mobile devices. Today, we are proud to offer you new and used devices, repair parts, accessories, unlocking, and reconditioned devices. Located in the heart of New York, all of our services are done in-house by our technicians, to ensure the entire process goes smoothly from start to finish. Every item which enters our facility will leave triple-tested, and can be shipped worldwide. Quality and service is our motto. We believe in handling matters correctly and efficiently from the get-go and going the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. We understand that each customer has specific needs, which is why we proudly cater to each and every customer with specific, custom-tailored solutions. Give us a call, or stop by our facility to see what we can do for you!




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